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Product Name:DGS-J04


Keywordsnon-contacting dry gas seal, mechanical seal, bi-directional pattern groove


Product DescriptionType DGS-J04 combines proven rotating groove technology and high-temperature secondary seals to reduce steam leakage by nearly two orders of magnitude, as compared to traditional sealing devices such as segmented carbon rings and labyrinths. This steam-lubricated,end-face cartridge seal react sinstantaneously and automatically to maintain a safe face gap despite sudden changes in operating conditions. A stable seal face gap, typically 0.0025mm to 0.0051mm,is the result of specially designed rotating grooves, which pump steam radially inward into a non grooved portion of the seal known as the sealing dam.









Higher operations conditions also achievable, please contact with world seal engineer:





Rotary Ring:


Stationary Ring:


Secondary Seal:


Other Parts :


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