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WORLD SEAL is the leading mechanical seal manufacturer and designer in the world, our business focus the most difficult seal problem in the rotary machine, for example the highest technology mechanical seal used in pump, compressor and agitator.

OUR PRODUCTS INCLUDES single cartridge mechanical seal, dual(double face) cartridge mechanical, metal bellow seal, split seal, dry gas seal and also design and manufacture the mechanical seal according to customer’s requirement. Our products are widely used in pharmacy, chemistry, refinery, petroleum, paper making, power and auto industry, which can replace the mechanical seals produced by John Crane, Burgmann and Flowserve, etc.

WHY ONLY WORLD SEAL? Only choice world seal, no need to contact with various mechanical seal manufacturers for different usage. World seal like the seal’s supermarket, you can find all the models, which will flexibly replace the mechanical seals made by any other seal manufacturers in the world. We supply the complete service from survey, design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance.

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